Brooke K. Ryan


Brooke is a PhD student in Psychology at Princeton University where she is advised by Professor Uri Hasson. Using artificial neural networks alongside human behavioral datasets, Brooke seeks to leverage the successes—and shortcomings—of modern deep learning to investigate the computational principles that allow cognition to arise from the organization of neurons. Her research efforts are fundamentally motivated by a desire to understand how the human mind might emerge from the physical matter of the brain. Prior to her graduate studies, Brooke obtained her B.S. in Mathematics-Computer Science from UC San Diego, and worked for several years as a Software Engineer at Intuit and Blizzard Entertainment.

Brooke originally hails from sunny Southern California; in its forests she found a love of backpacking, in its waters she learned to surf and scuba dive. She looks forward to new adventures on the East Coast, and watching the seasons change with her chubby tabby cat Kiki in her lap.